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My current projects include gardens, seascapes and landscapes. The flower paintings reflect my enduring love of gardens and gardening.  Flowers are a constant joy to so many of us whether they are blooms in a beautiful herbaceous border or wild flowers. The new seascapes and landscapes are a further development of an ongoing project on reflections and sunlight on the natural environment. Watership Down, Ladle Hill, the river Enborne at Headley, the Wayfarers Walk and the Dorset coast are just some of the places that have inspired my work.


A lifelong love of art led me to a History of Art degree at Reading University which gave me the confidence to experiment with new ways of painting.  Subsequent painting courses in life, landscape and still life have been challenging and inspirational and have helped to develop a personal style.


I like to mix different media but generally work in acrylics, watercolours, gouache, or pastels with some collage.




2013 October: Kingsclere Art Exhibition, St Mary’s Church, Kingsclere

2015 February: Artex at East Woodhay

2015 March: Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours at The Mall Galleries, London

2015 September 26-27: Ashford Hill Art & Craft Weekend, St Paul’s Church, Ashford Hill 

2015 October 16-18: Kingsclere Art Exhibition, St Mary’s Church, Kingsclere

2015 December-2016 February: solo exhibition, AceSpace, Newbury

2016 February 29 - April 11: Watermill Theatre, Newbury

2016 May: West Berks and North Hants Open Studios

2016 August - October: New Era Theatre foyer, Newbury

2017 April 29 - May 14: West Berks and North Hants Open Studios



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